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Healthy Cauliflower Pizza Crust

The easiest high protein cauliflower pizza crust recipe! and ohhhh so delicious. This John’s Killer Protein® pizza crust recipe has over 30g of grass fed, GMO free and gluten free protein. Choose any of your favorite pizza toppings and enjoy this delicious high protein cauliflower pizza crust! We made ours with pizza sauce, shredded fat […]

Blueberry Protein Doughnuts

These Blueberry Protein Doughnuts are insanely delicious.  And with 10C, 10P and 2F per doughnut, you won’t stop at just one!  This recipe is easy to make making our JKP Protein Doughnuts the perfect cure for all your sweets cravings! Doughnut Batter: 2 scoops John’s Killer Protein® Organic Oats and Whey Protein Blend 1/3 Cup Oat […]