Do You Truly Know Know What’s Inside Your Protein?

Information should be accurate, made easily available and simple to share. Especially information that affects the food we eat and in turn, our health.

It amazes us that even today, with how connected we all are, we often fall short on finding, researching, reading and sharing important and accurate information.  We decided to write this post because we recently came across an article by Consumer Reports that talked about Arsenic, Lead and other harmful Heavy Metals and Carcinogenic found in mass-market Protein Brands – you know the brands you can easily find at COSTCO, your local Big Box Wholesaler or a supplements retail store.  That article can be found Here.

Although we weren’t overly surprised, the article was eye opening because in its report, Consumer Reports ranked some of the largest and most established protein brands as the worst! with vegan and plant-based protein brands – brands that consumers would intuitively associate as “healthy options” – ranking flat out as the most dangerous to your health.  Before we go any further, we want to say that this post isn’t about Vegan vs. Whey protein, it’s about what information Protein brands readily share with their customers, and what information is kept secret or made extremely difficult to access.  We believe Protein brands should be responsible and share accurate and complete information with their customers and we will further explain below.  The Consumer Reports article reported that the Clean Label Project assigned each product a score for four individual elements: heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants like BPA, and nutrition. Then it calculated an overall score. The heavy metal levels accounted for 60 percent of the overall score because their effects have been shown in studies to pose greater harm to health.

The five products that received the poorest overall scores were:

  • Garden Of Life – Organic Shake & Meal Replacement Chocolate Cacao Raw Organic Meal
  • ISOPURE – Nature’s Best Isopure Creamy Vanilla Zero Carb
  • Quest – Chocolate Milkshake Protein Powder
  • 360Cut Performance Supplements – 360PRO Whey Chocolate Silk Premium Whey Protein
  • Vega – Sport Plant-Based Vanilla Performance Protein

Now in all fairness, we believe that Consumer Reports article could – and should – have been written better by disclosing the levels of Pesticide, Arsenic, Lead and Heavy metals they found and considered unhealthy.

Nonetheless, that got us thinking about the types of information relevant to all of us but are never published or discussed by the Protein brands, or at the very best, made extremely hard, if not impossible to find!

Why Does This Matter?

You see, the food we eat is made up of a lot more than the limited data points on the package’s Nutrition Panel labels – that nice rectangular black and white table you see on every package.  As consumers, we’re used to focusing on just that nutrition information – Calories, Fats, Protein, Carbs and just the information we find on the label’s Nutrition Panel.  Some consumers are better and read the actual Ingredients. But that’s still only half the picture! Protein brands we eat also contain micros, compounds and other elements that are never disclosed on labels or made easily available to access or share. This is dangerous because these Protein brands produced for mass markets and for maximum profits are often tainted with pesticide, carcinogenic compounds, heavy metals, microbes, bacteria and other harmful contaminants.  We all deserve full and transparent disclosures, we all deserve not only accurate limited information, but accurate complete information about the Protein brands we choose to eat.

The John’s Killer Protein® Pledge to Transparency and Accuracy:

We have made a conscious decision to share with you information that goes Beyond Our Label. We do this because we believe that if you trust our brand enough to purchase and use our Protein blends, you deserve this level of transparency.  You deserve accurate, reliable and complete information.

Below, you will find our latest 3rd Party Laboratory Tests that we do on every product and for every batch we manufacture. The FDA does not require Protein brands to share this level of information, but we believe we should!

We are proud that the entire line of John’s Killer Protein® products tests with practically non-existent levels of Lead, Mercury, Heavy Metals, or other carcinogenic and contaminants.  Our raw ingredients and our finished  John’s Killer Protein® Blends contain practically zero pesticides or BPA contamination or leaching.

We achieve this level of Protein purity because our origins matter! We are proud of the extra efforts we take when sourcing our ingredients. We are proud of the level of quality all of us and all of our trusted vendor partners adhere to.  We do not make the cheapest protein blends for maximum financial profits.  We choose to put our own integrity and quality first.

We do not source cheap ingredients from China, the Far East or from countries with shady or incomplete product quality documentation – simply because we found those environments to be less than ideal (although they would be a lot more profitable for a brand) – Learn more about our origins, and The JKP Difference Here.  We source from a co-op of farms that have adopted and maintained old world farming practices that exceed our very own U.S. Organic Farming Standards. This is how we’ve been able to make John’s Killer Protein®, without taking shortcuts, through hard work and quality standards.  We are proud to make what we consider to be quite possibly the purest, cleanest protein available.

Final Thoughts – Be Inquisitive!

As far as we know, we’re the only Protein brand willing to be this transparent. Whether you’re a customer of ours or not, we urge you to ask questions and seek the level of complete information you deserve. Contact your Protein brand, ask them for reports on their heavy metals and contaminants testing. Ask them for information that goes Beyond The Label.

This is the John’s Killer Protein® Difference.  If you need any information about our quality reports or 3rd Party Testing that we do, please Contact Us Here or email us at [email protected]

To Your Health,

11 thoughts on “Beyond The Label – What’s Inside Your Protein

  1. Nabil says:

    Hi, Thank you for this report, however, this amount of heavy metal you have in your product are safe to consume ?

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  8. Maria G says:

    Thank you so much for informing us! No wonder we are so sick in America it’s not only the non organic foods that are bad but also the ones you think are healthy because they advertise being healthy, as if they care about our health!
    I’m just sick and tired of the lies these companies are projecting to get us to buy there products. It’s a shame it’s all about money at the cost of our health!
    My sister lives in Hungary and she said the food there is much better and healthier then here in the US!
    So again thank you for informing us! Keep it up our health and lives depend on it!

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