Will cooking or baking with protein powder cause it to become denatured, or damage the amino acids to the point that they become less nutritional?

Cooking with Whey Protein is a great way to infuse your cooked or baked foods with additional Protein.  There is a common misconception to not to cook Whey Protein as it will denature the Protein (hence the reasons why most people’s protein bars are not baked, they are refrigerated/frozen).

But many nutrition experts say that this is simply untrue.  Cooking with Whey Protein is completely safe, and high heat doesn’t affect the protein quality.

The overwhelming consensus from Nutrition Experts on this topic is as follows: “even if Whey Protein is denatured by heat (it would take an extremely high level of heat to Denature Whey Protein; way more heat than is commonly seen in household or commercial kitchens/ovens), the worst case scenario is that the Whey Protein becomes a little less water soluble, so it might take a bit longer to get into the small intestine. But of course, if it’s  in something that you cooked, it’s probably stuck with other stuff anyway, so it would be slow even if it were soluble. Plus, you probably aren’t concerned with ‘fast nutrition’ with the baked item.”

Cooking with John’s Killer Protein will not damage the Protein or cause it to be denatured in any way.  That’s because our Natural and Organic Whey Protein Blends do not contain any nasty additives or fillers that would break down with heat or alter the quality of the Protein.  Furthermore, research has repeatedly shown that cooking Protein does not diminish its nutritional values or cause it to be denatured in any way.

So go ahead, get creative, whip up John’s Killer Protein Packed Double Chocolate Brownies or any one of the many delicious recipes we have on our Recipes Page in our Blog.

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