Welcome to the Journal Club

We created the Journal Club as a place to address common myths and misinformation about fitness, nutrition and supplementation.

Our goal is to publish articles researched and written by John’s Killer Protein® Athlete and CrossFit® Team Competitor Mia Edgar, M.D. to educate, inform and break through current fads and trends that may be harmful to your health.

Mia is a Medical Doctor, Underwater Medical Officer with the U.S. Navy and an accomplished CrossFit® Team Competitor.  In other words, Mia is one amazing athlete who is also very, VERY smart.  Mia brings together her knowledge as both a doctor and a CrossFit® competitor to bridge the gap between research-based facts and practical everyday knowledge.  She will do this in a way that we can all understand and benefit from.

Our first article is now live!  Mia talks about Leucine, its importance and why we believe you need to consume Leucine within a complete Whey Protein blend, not as a separate supplement.  Read our article Here!

Do you have comments, suggestions or even recommendations for future articles?  Is there a specific topic that you’d like us to research and write on.  If so, please email Mia at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy the Journal Club.


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